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PURE MODERNA Tall Planter is one of our modern planters that will beautifully complement your contemporary exterior, terrace, patio or interior space. These modern planters are meticulously handcrafted in water-tight fiberglass  they are available in two sizes and a multitude of awesome colors. Combine with PURE MODERNA Short planter to create great groupings.
Colors Available:

Over 18 cool modern colors available. See images for color selections.

Sizes Available: Diameter x Height
12.8 x 23.7" H
18 x 33.75"H

OPTIONAL INTERIOR Pedestal to support grow pot. (sold separately)

Small - For 12.8" diameter Planter (5.5 x 12 H | 11.5" planting depth) $12.00
Large - For 18" diameter planter (8 x 18" H | 15.5" planting depth) $40.00


Commercial Grade lightweight Fiberglass

Ships in:
Eight to twelve business days. Painted to order.

Interior or exterior use.